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Recipe Exchange

Welcome to Emmanuel’s Kitchen Corner

Our newly created recipe exchange page is created to provide our members and guests a place to share their treasured recipes. We know the library is full of “cookbooks” with all kinds of recipes. It is not our intent to simply provide quantity in our offerings. Instead we want to offer those tried and true recipes you have prepared for years and that have been tempered and improved with time. We want recipes that have been family treasures, passed down from Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, or others. They should be the type of recipe that when the kids (grandkids) come home they say, “Make that ______ that Aunt Nelly used to make.”

By limiting our offering in this manner we can have a truly exciting selection of time proven treats. Remember this is YOUR web site and it can be as great as you make it. Please feel free to pass on any suggestions and/or comments.

How to submit your recipes?

Submitting recipes is very simple and can be completed in a number of ways. Send us an e-mail, drop it off at the church office, put it in the collection plate or use the US mail service.

If you chose to e-mail, then address to: jgentz@e-mmanuel.com do not click on this address unless you have microsoft outlook as your email server. If you use any other email server open that server and type in the above address.

If you use the US mail address to:
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
2901 13th Street
Menominee, MI 49858

We have a number of different categories as you can see by the various sub-pages. However if you have something that does not fit send it in, we will find a home or create a new page. Make sure you include your name and all pertinent directions and measurements.

We are looking forward to making this a great community experience.

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