Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Menominee - Michigan


2901 Thirteenth Street
Menominee, Michigan 49858
Office Phone: 906-863-3431
Email: mail@e-mmanuel.com

Church Council

2020 Congregational Council

Rhonda Pedersen, President
Kathy Bero, Vice President
Terrie Porras, Secretary
Dave Anderson, Treasurer
Darrell Eland
Stacy Hansen
Boni Nerat-Heckel
Jeff Hines
Bill Kunhlein
Jeremy Sallgren
Bill Taccolini
Matt Vanni
Jim Zobel
Kylie Chevalier, Youth Member

Church Contact Information!

Emmanuel has set up an email account for our Council President for the purpose of our members having another means of communicating with the council. While we still encourage phone calls and face-to-face conversations, it is important that we utilize all means possible to communicate with one another. If you have a care/concern which you feel our church council should be aware of, and you feel that this is your most effective form of communicating, please feel free to email:

Rhonda Pedersen, Council President at:

 Church Council Meeting Minutes

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