Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Menominee - Michigan


2901 Thirteenth Street
Menominee, Michigan 49858
Office Phone: 906-863-3431
Email: mail@e-mmanuel.com


Our Church’s Committees

Our church uses a group of various committees to help organize and run many of its programs and services. All of our committees are comprised of lay members of our congregation. We gladly invite any of our members to join one of the standing committees. Please contact the church office for more information. We welcome your help as a volunteer.
Below is a listing of our standing committees. Click the link to view each committee’s description and policy:

Audit Committee – Description (link)
Call Committee – Description (link)
Finance Committee – Description (link)
Finance Committee – Policies (link)
Finance Committee – Investment Policy (link) 
Finance Committee – Checking Account Policy (link) 
Finance Committee – Procedure for Unbudgeted Revenue and Related Expenses (link) 
Human Resources – Description (link)
Human Resources – Policies (link)
Human Resources – Performance Policy (link)
Memorial Committee – Description (link)
Memorial Committee – Policies (link)
Nomination Committee – Description (link)
Nomination Committee – Fortune Lake (link)
Nomination Committee – Synod Assembly (link)
Mission Endowment Fund Committee – Description (link)
Mission Endowment Fund Committee – Policies  (link)
Fellowship Committee – Description (link)
Learning Committee – Description (link)
Outreach Committee – Description (link)
Property Committee – Description (link)
Property Committee – Policies (link)
Property Committee – Key Access and Control Policy (link)
Property Committee – Emmanuel Facilities Emergency Action Plan (link)
Stewardship Committee – Description (link)
Worship Committee – Description (link)
Youth Committee – Description (link)
Policy and Procedure Review Committee – Description (link)