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Menominee - Michigan


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Menominee, Michigan 49858
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Monarch Watch Program

MonarchSignIn the spring of 2014 Emmanuel Lutheran joined in a nation wide program to help save the Monarch Butterfly. The church committed a section of its lawn to be plowed up and planted with an assortment of plant material which attracts Monarchs, including milkweed which is required by the Monarch for reproduction. . Through generous donations from congregational members we added plaques that identify the project and a very gracious memorial gift from the family of Warren Manske, of a granite sitting bench. The result is a very ecstatically pleasing garden which can be enjoyed by all.
Emmanuel’s Monarch Watch Program
WarrenManskeMemorialIf you have not noticed our newly planted butterfly garden in the rear of the church, please take a moment to look it over.  Not only do we have milkweed plants which are the only plants on which Monarch Butterfly will deposit her eggs but a number of blooming plants especially for other pollinating insects and birds.
Emmanuel has joined in a nationwide program designed to increase the habitat necessary for the salvation of these beautiful NewGardenGod given gifts of nature. The Monarch butterfly is one of the most treasured of all the species. They are a migrating insect wintering in Mexico and then migrating north for the breeding season. Of the millions of plant types the Monarch will only lay her eggs on a milkweed. The major droughts that we have been plagued with the last couple of years along with a continued expansion of humanity has drastically reduced the required habitat necessary for the survival of these magnificent creatures.
Here are some links to You Tube presenting the wonderful world of the Monarchs.